VT 2015 2The second issue of World History (Világtörténet) for 2015 is a thematic issue dedicated to the topic of „The Great War” edited by László Szarka has been published. The centenary of the Great War gave birth to many comprehensive monographs, profound debates on explanations and both thematically and methodologically innovative approaches first of all with emphasis upon transnational aspects. As a result, in the international historiography of the Great War the complex evaluation of this over important event became an absolute imperative.
As the long-lasting consequence of the First World War, we may consider the complete restructuring of the European state system achieved by the peace settlements in Brest-Litovsk, in Versailles and in Sevres. The most controversial issue of the nation- and state-building efforts within the borders of the multi-national dynastic Empires leading up to these catastrophic events is represented almost only in the national historiographies. This edition is dedicated to the evaluation of the extraordinarily complex process of nationalism in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe which on the one hand had been radicalised within the Empires, on the other hand had undoubtedly been promoted to the most important problem in terms of geopolitics and from the point of view of the Great Powers. In addition to the strong dynastic loyalties at the beginning of the war the war events, the brutal treatment by the civil and military authorities, the millions of refugees and the intense harassment of the nationalities gave way to national feelings and interests.