New book of the Research Centre’s series called 21st Century Studies in Humanities bas been published. The volume titled Between Empires, Beyond Borders. The Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Republican Era through the Lens of the Köpe Family is edited by Gábor Fodor, director of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Istanbul. The book is based on the memoirs of Antoine Köpe, and it contains eight studies by Hungarian, Turkish, French and American researchers, and the American descendants of the Köpe family, Elizabeth and Charles Childress.

FodorG NYOMDAI borito page 001 cimlapThis volume - directly connected to the exhibition entitled as Between Empires, Beyond Borders: The War and Armistice Years through the Eyes of the Köpe Family, opened ont he 15th of September, 2020 at the Salt Beyoglu, Istanbul - intends to shed lights on eight different topics by eight scholars from Turkey, France, Hungary, and the United States.

Built on a family history as it moves from the 19th to the 20th century, and on the valuable family archive of the Köpe family, this publication also draws attention to the different nationalities in the Ottoman Empire's capital, the mutability of identities, the mobility of lives, the city of Istanbul before and during the war, the Austro-Hungarian armed forces and visiting notables in the Empire; shortly to an extraordinary journey from Salonica to the Palestine front, from Turkey to the United States, as seen in photographs, caricatures and memoirs.