The ELKH Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH) organized a scientific conference entitled Stabilitas Loci Benedictini – Centuries of Benedictines in the light of recent research on November 25. At the event held as part of the Hungarian Science Festival the experts presented the main results of two interrelated projects supported by ELKH aimed at exploring the history of the Benedictine Order over the centuries: the Tihany King’s Crypt and the Kings, and the Saints and Monasteries.

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In his opening speech Balázs Balogh, Director General of RCH briefly introduces the research program and the significance of the results, and extended his appreciation to all researchers and experts who led and participated in the projects for their outstanding and dedicated work.

Miklós Maróth, President of ELKH also addressed the audience. He quoted the French historian Le Goff in highlighting the role of the monastic orders in the development of Europe. He added that the importance of the work and activities of the Benedictine Order in Hungary has unfortunately not received sufficient attention in the past. In his opinion this gap can be filled by the two research programs currently being carried out in cooperation between ELKH institutes. He expressed the hope that the research results will be published in independent volumes in the future.

Representatives of RCH, the Benedictine communities of Tihany, Bakonybél and Pannonhalma, the Institute of Archeology and the Department of Art History of ELTE, the Faculty of Humanities of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, as well as the Hungarian National Museum, the Rippl-Rónai Museum, the MTM Bakony Natural History Museum and the Dezső Laczkó Museum participated in the conference. The presentations were organized into three sections: history, archaeology and art history, and natural sciences.

Presentations by Kornél Szovák, Director of the RCH Gyula Moravcsik Institute, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy, Director of the RCH Institute of Archaeogenomics, Balázs Gusztáv Mende, Deputy Director of the Institute, the main coordinator of both programs and István Major, a research fellow at the ELKH Institute for Nuclear Research were also part of the agenda. Hungarian presentations are available on the YouTube channel of RCH under this link.

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