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Marty Eybl et al.: Paper and Copyists in Viennese Opera Scores, 1760–1775
Thursday, 01 February 2024,  2:00


Marty Eybl et al.: Paper and Copyists in Viennese Opera Scores, 1760–1775 címmel.

Date: 1 February 2024.  2PM
Place: Institute for Musicology Bartók-terem


Hundreds of works by Haydn, Gluck, and other Viennese composers are known solely from contemporary copies. These sources written by professional copyists normally remained undated; determining the chronological position of the works and the value of the source is difficult. As professional copyists changed papers relatively often, a survey of datable paper allows dating manuscripts written likewise by Viennese copyists. The observations presented in the workshop have their basis in a research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. With its focus on surviving objects and the digital processing of their characteristics, it is situated at the intersection of Material Studies and Digital Humanities.

Digital photographs of watermarks and the features of copyists promise a greater precision of reproduction than can be achieved with traditional drawings by hand. For the first time in musicology this project uses transmitted light photographs and image subtraction on a grand scale––an accurate, simple and inexpensive method of recording watermarks.

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