A new special issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews edited by Adam Tamas Tuboly (RCH Institute of Philosophy) and Emil Toescu (University of Birmingham, School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine) has been released. The volume is about Critical Perspectives on Science aimed at early career researchers and scientists.

tuboly toescu kulonszam

Authors: Jacob Steere-Williams (Charlston), James Elwick (Toronto), David Parker (Cambridge), Nancy Tomes (New York), Heather Douglas (Michigan), Harry Collins (Cardiff), Philippe Stamenkovic (Uppsala és Lendület), Rafael Ambríz González és Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham), Laura Candiotto (Pardubice), Anatolii Kozlov (Paris/London), Kristen Intemann (Montana), Maya J. Goldenberg (Guelph, Canada), Wil Mason-Wilkes (Birmingham), Rik Peels (Amsterdam), René van Woudenberg (Amsterdam).

The volume is available here: tandfonline.com

This special issue has been released by the Research Group for the History and Philosophy of Science.