Zsombor Tóth, senior research fellow at the Institute for Literary Studies, HUN-REN RCH attended the conference entitled Between the Old and the New World: William Ames and the Shaping of Reformed Theology and Spirituality, hosted by Pelgrimvaderskerk, Rotterdam (NL) on February 27‒29.

His paper (The Reception of William Ames’ Oeuvre and the Shaping of Long Reformation in Hungary and Transylvania in the 17th and 18th Centuries) provided a detailed history of how the oeuvre of William Ames had been received and then assimilated by early modern Hungarian readers both theologians and lay people.

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Zsombor Tóth is a reformation scholar, he is supervising a project on long reformations (1500‒1800) and he is also the founder of the Centre for Reformation Studies (CRS) hosted by the Institute for Literary Studies.

The booklet of the conference.